Earth Day – how did you celebrate?

Last Sunday was Earth Day – how did you celebrate it? Did you even think about it?

Personally, I was just enjoying our beautiful spring weather here in Scottsdale- one of the last good days before summer starts. I was also thinking about how changes in the climate could really impact us here in the desert – making us even drier and hotter. Water is already a precious commodity and it will become even more so if these changes happen as the experts predict.

My resolution, therefore, to do my part to protect our planet is to conserve water – turn off the tap when brushing my teeth, installing low flow shower heads, low flow toilets – both in my home and in my clients homes- catching and storing the little rain we get to water my plants, taking shorter showers, and using front-load washers which use a fraction of the water top-load machines do. If everyone does a tiny bit, it will add up to a huge difference in our future.

I also found my next new car – it’s an electric powered sports car, from an entirely new manufacturer, Tesla Motors.

Check it out at

What’s your Earth Day resolution?
Have an innovative day!