Healthy Sustainable Design Tips Shared on Sonoran Living

Tanya Shively on Sonoran Living ABC15 Healthy Homes

Yesterday our founder and principal designer, Tanya Shively, was featured on Sonoran Living Live. She discussed the ways that your home can be made more healthy with the proper choices of materials, especially flooring and walls.

Growing up in Jackson Hole surrounded by nature, along with her awareness of how building and design products can affect our health, Tanya makes it a priority to source out design products that are made w/o chemicals.  This includes rugs.  Tanya recommends softening hard surfaces w/ area rugs that are handwoven and made w/ natural fibers such as silk and wool.  Not only are they beautiful, they are, “durable and easy to clean.”

For more information on how rugs affect you and your health, follow this link: How Rugs Affect You and Your Health

Tanya Shively on Healthy Homes Sonoran Living Live ABC15

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