Ted Adams


Tai Ping Carpets

Tanya has been a pleasure to work with all the years that we have known each other. She is a very professional talent in the field of interior design. Her training is extensive as is her experience. Consequently, she is always willing to examine new ways of interpreting and presenting design solutions to the client. She understands color and the interplay of texture, all critical elements in creating good interior design. She is a pro at relating to floor plans and can easily analyze room layouts so that improvements can be made. Her background has demonstrated that she is intuitive about scale and the use of lighting to enhance a designed space. Most importantly, Tanya loves what she does and always makes it fun as she welcomes a challenge. As a representative from the Trade that has worked with Tanya for years, it is always a pleasure to be a a part of one of her projects. She gets things done and has fun doing it. Its not just about the destination, although that is important to Tanya and her clients. It is also about the journey. Wish we all practiced work in that fashion .