Persian Rug Sets the Tone of this Scottsdale Home Entryway

For all my clients, I begin with the intention of creating positive memories. I want them to remember the design and construction as collaborative and enjoyable. Each WELL Designed™ Home is very personal — more about the client and their interests, their likes and dislikes, than it is about me or my style. Those personal touches make all the difference.

Many of my clients love to travel and bring back all sort of interesting pieces of art and other memorabilia, like Rick and Tanya (yes, Tanya but pronounced with -ah-). She and I got to know each other very well and the name situation became a fun game- the builder called us T & T.

This married couple lives in Tahoe and decided to buy a second home in Scottsdale. Built in the late 80s, we walked in to awful floral wallpaper and Sofitel marble tile floors. Downsizing after their boys grew up, they wanted a place that was comfortable but easier to take care of, but still felt like theirs. Our goal: open up the space and transition somewhat from their more traditional style into a more modern one. This “transitory” style is trending for a good reason — you can combine your existing, perhaps traditional, furniture and blend it with a more contemporary design. For my clients, keeping pieces that have sentimental value is important, and it’s certainly a lot easier than starting from scratch.

Tanya first showed me a hand-woven Persian rug they had brought back from Turkey. Her family is from Iran, and as she shared with me early on, feels very connected to this part of her heritage.

The ornate blue and cream rug is now the star of the entryway — it’s the first thing you see when you walk in. Moving to a new house, it’s important to claim it as your own; Rick and Tanya immediately recall fond memories of their trip to Turkey, and for Tanya it sparks childhood memories, too.

Light, bright and open, the entryway background is in neutral creams and beige along with porcelain tile flooring; the new custom door in wood and glass creates a more contemporary feel. A great little console anchors the artwork and displayed on top are some collectibles from their travels.

Cream and blues from the rug with pale green accents tie through the house, where our design continued to work along the lines of memory. Moving forward, Rick showed me a photograph of the alpine view from their house in Tahoe looking out onto the lake and up a mountain.

To connect the two phases of their life year round, we made this photograph a focal point for their living space. They can recall the crisp cool summers at their other home and savor the bright warm winters here in Scottsdale. Surrounded by their favorite pieces of art and furnishings, Tanya and Rick feel very much at home and have the freedom to collect more treasures on their travels.