Sensational Spring Colors for the Home

Infusing your home with the flair and flavor of spring doesn’t have to mean painting everything bright yellow. Veer a bit off the beaten path with alternative choices that ring in the spring with a unique and interesting twist.

Radiant Orchid: This deep and delicious shade of purple has been crowned the color of the year. Purple symbolizes richness and royalty, and this particular shade adds a youthful, perky twist.

radiant orchid bedding
Radiant orchid paired with a fun pattern is playful for a bright and cheerful bedroom

Amethyst: Another popular purple choice this spring is the lighter shade of amethyst. This hue comes with an aura of sophistication and class, not to mention a gorgeous lineup of options within the amethyst color family.

amethyst wallpaper
Lilac and amethyst are updated this season in a modern pattern and eclectic mix of styles

Hot Pink: Hot pink can always make a bold and daring statement, especially if you give it full power on all four walls. Perfect for a bedroom or creative home office, you probably don’t want to surprise your guy by using the hue on his man cave.

hot pink boudoir
Hot pink in various shades is sassy when used on walls, windows and accents

Green, Green and More Green: Green screams of spring, and it can also bring a calming and soothing vibe to your home all year round. Well, certain shades of it can. Soft mint and blissful shades of earthy green can calm down a room while a bright green apple or lime can breathe new life into it.

green lacquered walls
Go all out with bright green lacquered walls, and mix it with neutrals for a bold statement
green accents
You can add small accents of a bold color for a more subtle approach with staying power.


Extraordinary Pastels: Your ordinary lineup of spring pastels typically includes hues like lilac and light pink. But no one says you have to be ordinary. Opt for lighter shades of the bolder colors on gauzy fabrics to use for curtains or other accents. This move will leave you with some interesting pastel-like versions you can use to compliment and soften the more vivid colors.

pastel living room
A lighter shade of spring with a mix of pastels that are sweet without being syrupy

What’s your favorite color for spring? We love to hear your comments, so please share your thoughts on using these ideas or what you’re doing to bring color into your home.