The Sleek New Concrete Para Clocks by LeeLABS

While looking for the latest home decor ideas to enhance interior designs, we came across the inspiring new Para Clocks by LeeLABS. Recently featured in Contemporist, these new custom clock designs are sleek, innovative and completely one of a kind. The Para Clocks are made out of concrete, and LeeLABS creates the completely unique radial patterns by using a parametric modeling algorithm.

Besides the stunning geometries, the most fascinating aspect of these Para Clocks is that anyone can be directly involved in the design process of their very own Para Clock. By manipulating the parametric settings right on the Para Clocks website, clients can design their own custom radial pattern for a clock that is specifically designed for them. Learn more about this new LeeLABS design project by watching the KickStarter project video online.

Here at Sesshu Design, we believe that interiors should be designed to reflect your personality and lifestyle, which is why we are particularly drawn to custom furnishings like these new chic Para Clocks. To see more decor and accessories that inspire us, be sure to “Like” Sesshu Design on Facebook!