‘Why Do I Need a Designer for My Home Fitness Room?’: An Answer to this Frequently Asked Question

Are you thinking about setting up some higher-end exercise equipment in your spare bedroom, so you have all the convenience and comfort of a home gym?

Let’s call that Alternative #1. Unless you absolutely need that room to do double duty as a bedroom, I urge you to look at a different approach that is better in every way, which is to bring in a designer to create a customized home fitness room.

We’ll call that Alternative #2. With the first alternative, your spare room-workout space will be less inviting and less likely to be used than with the second alternative. Instead of working out daily, after the first gleeful month, you will find yourself with a new furniture hanger in the corner, collecting dust. Here are 3 good reasons for going with Alternative #2 and bringing in a designer to create an entirely new home fitness room:

#1 You Will Use It More

Engage with a designer and talk with a personal fitness trainer — it’s worth it because exercise is an important part of your life. The trainer will talk with you about your fitness goals and help you identify the equipment that you need. You will end up using the equipment more, seeing more results you want, and so on in an exciting feedback loop. We feel this is so necessary that our design firm has formed an agreement with a personal fitness trainer who works with athletes and former athletes to jointly offer custom designed home fitness centers.

We recommend Technogym because their equipment is customizable, high quality, and ergonomic. This is the kind of equipment that professional athletes would have in their homes, with the most advanced technology and training methods. I also like Technogym because it’s streamlined, attractive, and modern — beautifully designed with the home fitness center in mind. Technogym is a human-centered design that’s eco-friendly, too.

But the space itself needs to be conducive, a room you want to go into, a place you enjoy spending time, one that makes you feel good. This leads to the second reason for engaging a designer for your workout room …

#2 Wellness and your gym will be more a part of your home … and your life.

If you are building a custom luxury home with wellness in mind, then you want spaces that help you achieve that goal, which includes making exercise a part of every day. Your exercise room should not be an add-on. By having it complement and coordinate with the decor throughout your house, contribute to the flow of your house, then your fitness room becomes more a part of your home and less like walking into a gym. It will be more residential, less like a gym (but with the perks of a gym) — more a part of your life.

#3 Home Resale Value

Residential home fitness centers are becoming one of the most sought-after features for home buyers. A lot of home buyers would like such a space in their home and if it’s already there and done well (WELL Designed™) then it will make your home more attractive, potentially fetching a higher price and spending a shorter time on the market.

(All images courtesy of Technogym)